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ADL5511 for detecting the envalop of a 100KHz pulse train

Question asked by omer on Jul 29, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2015 by enash


Our specific application includes detection the envelop of an amplitude modulated pulse train.

The repetition rate of the pulses is ~100KHz , hence the carrier frequency.

Amplitude Modulation is performed at 1-10KHz. This modulation envelope should be detected with as linearly as possible response.


My question is whether the ADL5511, along with its evaluation kit is the right envelop detector?

If not , can you suggest an alternative device?


I read in the data sheet that in order to operate the ADL5511 at frequencies below 1 GHz (carrier), a number of external capacitors must be added to the FLT3, FLT2, and FLT1 pins. However, what should be expected in those frequencies in turms of linearity of the envelope? Preserving the shape of the modulation is very important for the application.


Thank you!