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HMC807LP6CE ; About controlling evaluation board

Question asked by JMJM on Jul 28, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2015 by MRichardson
I'm Jungmoo Lee.
I want to ask something about controlling Evaluation Board of HMC807LP6CE.
I bought Evaluation Board of HMC807LP6CE last week and tested it working.
I installed software and followed operating guide.
But it is not controlled at default setting.
I checked some control with software and current state is as below,
- VCO control is OK
- PFD control is OK
- CP control is OK
But divider(N-Counter) control does not operate.
I think from VCO buffer to N-Counter path does not operate.
And there is RF Output frequency when disabled bias current.
What do I have to do in this case?
Or is there any control in the GUI that I missed?
Please confirm this problem.
Jungmoo Lee