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AD9361 multi-chip symchronization

Question asked by xql on Jul 28, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2015 by jsammy

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We have a customer board with two AD9361 devices. We want the DATA_CLKs of the two devices synchronized. We have followed the MCS proedure decribed in UG570 (i.e., configuring registers REG_MULTICHIP_SYNC_AND_TX_MON_CTRL and REG_CP_BLEED_CURRENT and generating two SYNC_IN pulses satisfying the timing requrement). However, the DATA_CLKs do not synchronise. Did I miss something in the procedure. In the source code at github, I notice that in ad9361_do_mcs() function, ensm has to be set to ENSM_STATE_ALERT before the MCS process. Is this a necessary step for MCS?


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