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Watt Gain and offset calibration of  ADE 7758

Question asked by chaniitr on Jul 29, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2015 by dlath

I am using ADE7758 for energy measurement using Line accumulation.

what is the expected value of APCFDEN ?

How should we select the range of voltage and current ?

Now i am taking voltage full scale -500 V and current 40A, after calculating APCFDEN comes to be 900.

My set up is having following values.

voltage - 233V, current- 3.96A, 50Hz and Power factor=1.

In LINECYC i have stored 600(Dec), Accumalation time = 5.99.

I am using only one phase for calculation.

After 6 sec if i read Watthr register i got 11635d, and based on equations 60 and 61 i calculated expected value, it comes to be 17695d.

xWG= ((17695/11635)-1)*4096=2133.

What are the typical values of xWG ?

where am i doing wrong ?

what steps to be followed in offset calculation ? can i select same LINECYC for both Itest and Imin ?