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ADAU1761 - Microcontroller integration, Help needed!

Question asked by vnadon_B_ING on Jul 28, 2015
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I have some weird problems reading some outputs using DSP readback or Level detectors after I export my SStudio files for my microcontroller to bootup the DSPs.


When I compare the outputs of my Level detectors of the DSP programmed with SStudio vs programmed with the uC both look fine when I have my schematic pretty much completely stripped. Then I add a block and then another to complete my algorithm, then the behavior of the output is no longer the same whether the DSP is programmed with SStudio (correct) vs uC (bad)...


For example, I have this specific problem:

When I add a "General 2nd order Index Selectable" filter, the Level output read with a Level Detector is not the same whether I am programming the DSP with SStudio vs the uC. Then when I flip a software Switch in my sstudio schematic (after programming with the uC) the Level output is completely saturated, which is even a worse problem and not normal because this switch as nothing to do with the output Level and also I really don't have this behavior when my DSP is programmed using SStudio.


I looked at the log of my uC messages to see if there is a bug during the default_download procedure and everything seems fine...


My hypothesis are:

1- Some SStudio blocks take some memory space which may overlap with some other memory space when programmed in the uC

2- I have reached the maximum memory space of my uC? (which doesn't seem to be the case when I look at the uC used ressources, 31% RAM and 55% flash memory used)

3- There is some kind of address conflict of the sstudio blocks, when they are programmed with the uC

4- Specific SStudio blocks are not exported correctly when using the Export System Files in SStudio...

5- I2C messages send from uC to DSP are not the same or too fast compared with SStudio and the USBi programmer. (I don't get any buffer overflow when sending my I2C messages which are seperated in chunks already to eliminate some problems).


I am pretty exhausted of debugging this, I have spent several months trying to fix this problem. I don't know where to look and what to do anymore.


Thanks for your help