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BF609 udp rx stop to work

Question asked by LuigiDiPalo on Jul 28, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2015 by VineethaThomas

I'm working on BF609 ez board and I've to receive UDP packet from a camera. I receive 4 pkt (86+7414+7022+60 bytes).

The DSP works fine for a limited time. In particular when it receive a certain number of packets (data rate indipendent), approximately 145000, stops to receive and transmit. Ping still works fine.

I've seen in debug mode that is called the function handle_abnormal_interrupts() and the BITM_EMAC_DMA_STAT_MCI is set when this event happens.

The register EMAC_DMA_STAT has value 0x00688080 when rx stop.

If I use 8MB of ETHER_STACK_SIZE i can receive double. (Before I had 4MB as the heap size in the ldf)