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SigmaStudio 3.11 + ADAU1452 - EEPROM settings ignored

Question asked by sudlud on Jul 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2016 by DaveThib



I've designed a project based on ADAU1452 in Selfboot configuration. I wanted to use an 25AA512 which is cheaper than 25AA1024 (used on ADAU1452 Evalboard). This EEPROM also fulfills all requirements stated in the ADAU1452's datasheet.


When using my USBi-programmer with SigmaStudio 3.11, I configure the EEPROM to following settings:


Memory Size: 524288 bits


Page Size: 128 byte


write speed: 10000 kHz


Address bytes: 2 byte


which is because 25AA512 is half the size of 25AA1024.


However - SigmaStudio seems to ignore these settings. At least I proved that the write speed setting is ignored, changing the value did not change anything on the SCK line.


After uploading the latest compilation "through the DSP", a "verification through DSP" will always fail.


When using an Arduino to dump the E2Prom.hex into the EEPROM, the ADAU1452 selfboots without any problems, which means it can  handle the 25AA512.


When using an 25AA1024, there's also no problem with "upload through DSP" and "verification through DSP", everything works fine.


Could this be a software bug of SigmaStudio? It's too bad that it's not possible to use an EEPROM different to 25AA1024.