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ADE7816 Circuit using CT

Question asked by Lyncheese on Jul 28, 2015
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I have made my products using the ADE7953 for the energy monitoring.

I already use the ADE7953 using Shunt or CT with single-ended configuration.

Both of them, works quite well.


Currently, I'm starting build the schematic for ADE7816, using CT as the current sensor.

This time, I'm trying to use the differential configuration instead of using the single-ended configuration.

My intention is to avoid the needs to know which one is the Phase Line and which one the Neutral Line.


Here is my schematic for the ADE7816 :


There are several things I'm still not sure yet :

1. I'll be using two kinds of CT with different specification. Is it possible to do that with using a different Rb ?

2. I'm planning using the Rb with Center Tapped to Ground, since It's recommended (I read it from the FAQ Note)

     Is it a good idea in my application ? May I know why It's better that way ?

3. With differential configuration, do I still need to put the Phase/Neutral Line to the Ground ?

     You could see from my schematic, which I already prepared the jumper because of this doubt.

4. My plan is to use 4 CT with spec of "A" and 2 CT with spec of "B". I'll attach my CT on the Phase Line and Connect the Neutral Line

     to the Ground (by Ground I mean the GNDA).

     After that, I'll determine the Rb accordingly for both CT's.

     Is my current schematic already fine for my application above ?


Thank you.

I'll be waiting for the reply.


Warm regards.