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ADAU1761 TDM8 audio slots

Question asked by pbthesp on Jul 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2015 by pbthesp

I have an ADAU1762 set for TDM 8 mode.

According to the data sheet audio is transmitted out in order slot 0,1 2 etc to 7.

What I have is coming out in the following order:-

DIg 0, Dig 2, Dig 4,Dig 6, Dig 1, Dig 3, Dig 5 and Dig 7.

Ie it seems to be assigning odd Digs to the Left phase and even Digs to the Right phase.


I get the same results using LRCLK or Pulse.


Is this correct and something I just have to be aware of in my design or is there some setting I have missed that puts them in numeric order.


I haven't tried the input signal yet, should I expect them to obey the same rule?