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AD9910 Temperature stability

Question asked by Kieran.Garrood on Jul 26, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2015 by Kieran.Garrood


I am interested in using the AD9910 to generate the ultrasonic bursts or wave packets with sinusoidal signals between 0.4 MHz and 10 MHz. The system would us an external 50 Mhz reference clock that is multiplied by the PLL to maybe 1 GHz.

Our application relies on the DDS to generate signals with a repeatable amplitude, frequency and latency over a wide range of temperatures. It is in an industrial environment so the temperature can change up to 30°C with daily and seasonal variations. Over this range we would ideally like an amplitude drift of less than 0.5% and latency drift of less than 1 ns.

The data sheet for this device does not indicate any temperature coefficients or temperature drifts.

Would this device be able to meet our requirements?

Are there any techniques that I can implement to reduce temperature drift of the device?


Thank you for your time and help.