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Intel Hex or some other useable file format?

Question asked by rszemeti on Jul 25, 2015
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I am trying to output the EEPROM data from SigmaStudio into some format ( ANY format ) that is recognisable by either my eeprom programmer or a file format convertor.


The .hex files output by SigmaStudio, while being human-readable  do not seem to be recognised by any of the usual tools.


There *used* to be a trick of using the "display file" window in the "E2PromLoader" window of the hardware tab, you *used* to be able to display the .hex file and then copy and past the data into a hex editor, and save as "intel hex" and all was good, but, it seems you can now only select the data, but not copy it to the clipboard.


Any idead?  5 years ago there is a note that "intel hex output is on the feature request list" ... but it doesn't seem to have made it.   Any ideas?  Any clue if the .hex file format used is actually a recognised standard format or is it just the result of a random sprintf() statement?