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ADE7753 problem reading 24 bits registers

Question asked by ricpar123 on Jul 24, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2015 by dlath

Good morning,


I has some problems when I try to read 24 bits registers, I mean, the VRMS(0x17), IRMS(0x16) and AENERGY(0x02) registers. All the others (8, 16 y 24 bits) I can read perfectly.

On the mentioned registers, the MSB is read correctly, but the others two (Middle and LSB) are wrong, values are randomic vary. I tied both channels 1 and 2 to ground in order to avoid any noise or disturbances, but same result. Picture 1 attached, showed a good reading, it's the mode register (0x09) and the returned value is the correct (0x000C). Channel 1 is DOUT, Channel 2 is DIN, from left to right, there is the the register address (0x09) and then the two dummy bytespicture1.jpg



Picture 2 shows a wrong reading, VRMS register, You can see, how the two bytes(Middle and lower) are not zero and continuesly varying. Testing with signal (voltage) is  the same.




I checked the power supply (4.97 V), Vref(2.37 V), signal SCK, CS....etc, all are OK.


I would appreciate your help.

Best Regards,