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ADV8005 Eval, Running the Demo Firmware after Building It

Question asked by ChrisInSeoul on Jul 26, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2015 by JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal

I'm making a new thread, follow-on to this one:

That thread focused on how to build the demo firmware + OSD project.  This new thread is about running the resulting build.


Before I give the details of my latest attempt, I want to step back and explain again what I'm trying to do.  I want to evaluate the operation of this chip using a full-screen PIP.  You will note that the PIP size is configured in a single drop-down box in the Blimp OSD tool. All I'm trying to do is to rebuild the demo firmware / OSD project with a different value of PIP size than the default.  To do this, I have to be able to build and run the demo firmware as-is, just to be sure the tools and source code all work as expected.  Then I'll do it one more time, changing to a new PIP size.  I'm halfway there - I can now build.  But I can't duplicate the simple PIP test, a test that works just fine with the demo firmware distribution binaries.  Now, details....


As noted in the end of the previous thread, I built successfully, but I can't run PIPINIT.  I did a "project clean" from within VDSP, no difference.  I compared all the source files with the distribution, everything was the same (except the new OSD files). Still can't run PIPINIT correctly.  So, I started over completely from scratch.  Made a new firmware project and OSD project. I repeated all the steps necessary to build the images.  With on small glitch (see below), it compiled and linked just fine.  Better still, this time around, the firmware will successfully perform a PIPINIT.  However, it fails with I try to begin PIP operation.  I'm following a simple PIP script provided by ADI in this thread:


pipinit    (completes okay)

pipvic 4   (completes okay)

pipmode 5  (fails)


The error message is

Unable to reduce bandwidth below 1.90 Gb/s

It not only displays this error, but it crashes the microcontroller.  A reset is required get it running again.

This behavior doesn't happen when running the binary images provided with the demo firmware/OSD project


One point of interest, both the distributed binaries and the binary I build generate this (error?) message upon booting up.

Canvas Width Too Small for Scrolling Settings

Minimum required canvas width 218.


Quirk when building:

I started from scratch making a completely new project.  I opened the project file with VDSP, using the project file that comes with the firmware distribution.  When I tried to build it the first time, I got an immediate error message relating to the startup files.  I went through all the project properties setup screens, compared them to those in the manual, and made sure everything was set correctly.  It wasn't - one page I had to uncheck the settings "Remove Startup Code / LDF" in order to make them match (and to make the error go away).  What's odd is that I didn't uncheck these settings in the previous project, and it built without such an error message.  It's also odd that the demo VDSP project file in the distribution has all the project configuration settings exactly correct except this pair of checkboxes.


Remember, I haven't changed anything.  This should be an exact duplicate of what's distributed by ADI (other than the Blimp 3.7 versus 3.8 issue discussed in the previous thread).  Yet clearly something is not correct. 

Jeyasudha, using the build you recently made, can you successfully perform those three PIP commands without error?

Any thoughts on what's happening?