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Possible to make IAP boot loader ARMWSD.exe compatible?

Question asked by Circuitcode on Apr 19, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2011 by Circuitcode

We are writing an In-Application-Program (IAP) boot-loader with the intent that it will be compatible with ARMWSD.exe.


The supposition is that if the IAP boot-loader conforms to the AN-724, ADuC702x Serial Download Protocol, application note it should be ARMWSD.exe compatible.


By the above we mean the following:


  • When the IAP receives a serial COM backspace character from the host it will respond with a 24 character ADuC702x ID string.
  • If the IAP does not receive a serial COM backspace character from the host in TBD seconds it jumps to an application address if applicable. If not applicable the IAP waits forever for a backspace character.  We have not figured out what will determine if an application program has been loaded yet.
  • The IAP accepts E, W, V, P, and R binary record commands (Erase, Write, Verify, Protect, and Run commands).
  • The IAP performs the Flash memory operations as directed by the AN-724 protocol.


Is this a correct assumption on our part?