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Video works only with certain adapters.

Question asked by VufineDug on Jul 23, 2015
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We're working on a consumer product that involves a head-mounted display. We are using the ADV7611 and connected it to a board where the video signal comes in from an HDMI. The native resolution of the display is 720p.


Our product currently works with any Apple product no problem with no additional adapter other than with the necessary ones to connect an HDMI to lightning cable.


The problem comes when I try to connect to non-Apple products. In that case, I almost always need to connect it to an HDMI splitter (which I assume is to get around HDCP) and then connect that to a Dr.HDMI (setting that to force a 720p video out).


I was wondering if it is somehow possible to copy the EDID from the Dr. HDMI to the ADV7611 in order to have the same effect without actually needing the Dr. HDMI? And from my understanding, can we also remove the need of the splitter if we use the correct BSWZ non-P model which includes an HDCP key?


Thanks a lot to whoever can help! Mind you that I have very little knowledge in this area so please ELI5.