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AN-877 address truth table?

Question asked by CCSam on Jul 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2015 by JudyChui

Hi folks,

I'm trying to program the AD9212 chip into standby mode with FPGA.

I tried to look up the note AN-877 and found that very surprisingly,

in the note it said in the instruction phase the last 13 bits  (A12~A0) are for addressing,

but throught the whole note there's NO any instruction talking about how that 13bits "address" related to real register address, for example 0x08 register in AD9212. (Was kinda surprise that there's no table for this address thing in the note..)

In short, I simply want to ask:

If I want to program 0x08 register in AD9212, what is A12 .....A0 in this case? Thanks.

best regards,