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Sharing of inputs between ADV7511WBSWZ and ADV7340BSTZ

Question asked by NanjundaM on Jul 23, 2015
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I'm using ADV7340BSTZ (Composite video Encoder) and ADV7511WBSWZ (DVI Transmitter) interfaced to FPGA (as shown in attachment).


The ADV7340 and ADV7511W ICs share the common data lines (24 bits) from FPGA (to S,Y & C channels of  ADV7340 and digital inputs of ADV7511), and all control and clock pins are provided separately for two devices. FPGA will be programmed to send the DVI and CVBS data at different instances. My requirement is, one of the device(slave1 or slave2) to work at a time, i.e. one of the device should be turned off or inputs disabled and other device should be processing the 24 bit digital data from FPGA.


Can you please suggest me the hardware and software methods of Switching OFF any of the 2 slaves or Disabling the inputs of any of the slaves, while another slave is sharing the Data bus from FPGA.


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