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Driver problems with AD9910 Eval Board (Windows XP)

Question asked by MvdMerwe on Jul 23, 2015
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I am struggling to get an AD9910 Eval board to talk to a Windows XP PC.


I have downloaded and installed the latest software from (AD9910Setup2.0.0.0.exe). When I connect the eval board to the PC, "Welcome to the Found New Hardware Wizard" starts, but when I click Next, it is not followed by the AD9910 Firmware Loader, as suggested in the User Guide. Instead, I run through a few screens leading nowhere, as if the PC has no clue what this device is. In Device Manager, it is listed under "Other Devices" as a "USB Device".


I have verified that our Eval Board is working on someone else's PC, that runs the (probably older) software on a Windows XP VM on Windows 7. I have read some other threads about similar issues, mostly related to Windows 7, but found nothing that helped me. I have also tried installing the software directly on a Windows 7 machine, using suggestions from the forum, but got stuck when the USB Eval Board Programmer didn't see my device. Getting it to work on any of these two machines would be great.


Any suggestions will be appreciated.