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[ADV7611] Audio is not working for some devices

Question asked by ravi1 on Jul 23, 2015
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We are using ADV7611 in our board. We are facing issues with the audio, for some devices audio is not coming(no data on the I2S line).

I am using the attached EDID for ADV7611.



As per my understanding the "Audio block" and "Speaker allocation data block" in EDID contains the information about the audio supported by HDMI receiver(ADV7611 in this case). Please correct me if this understanding is different.



I have following doubhts regarding audio info and data between HDMI TX and HDMI RX. Can you please help to understand more to fix our issues.


  1. If we select multiple sample rates(32,44.1.48,88.2), bit depths(16,20,24) and formate codes(LPCM, AC-3, MPEG-1) then how HDMI tx will select a sample rate, bit depth and formate code (or) we can check in ADV7611(through any registers) about the sampl rate, bit depth and formate code of the incoming audio from HDMI Tx.


  2. Is it possible to configure ADV7611 to generate a specific sample rate(say 48) and bit depth(say 24) eventhough if we receive different sample rate(say 44.1) and bit depth(say 20) from HDMI Tx.


  3. I think I2S lines will carry only the raw audio data(PCM), please correct me if it carries compressed audio data also.