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External audio over 8005 TX

Question asked by Saurabh_Namjoshi on Jul 23, 2015
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I am working on a project where adv7625 is configured using I2C/SPI as RX for Adv8005 & Adv 7619 is also used for external OSD overlay. Adv8005 is working like a repeater.


I am having a customized board not an Adv8005 SMZ board, but the customized board is same as Adv8005 SMZ board, only difference is we have Adv7619 as EX-OSD source.


I am modifying V1.90.2 code as per the companies requirement.


We need to play external audio in S/PDIF format.

MCLK & AUD_IN[0] pin is configured to get audio from external source. These pins are connected to a external source which is generating audio in S/PDIF format.

On MCLK pin I can see 12.30 MHz frequency pulses & data on AUD_IN[0] pin with 48 KHz input frequency.


I have also configured ADV8005 TX as per datasheet for external audio input.

The registers & there values are mentioned below.


1) AUD_INPUT_MODE i.e. 0x1A08 to 0xC1

2) AUDIO_INPUT_SEL i.e. 0xEC0A to 0x11(SPDIF & MCLK ratio 256*fs)

3) SPDIF_EN i.e. 0xEC0B to 0xAE (setting mclk & audio source packet from external source)

4) I2S_SF i.e. 0xEC15 to 0x20 (48KHz input frequency)

5) EXT_LAYOUT & LAYOUT_SEL i.e. 0xEC4A to 0x8C(External Layout & Multichannel enable)


After setting all these registers I can't get Audio on TX.


Please let me know am I configuring registers properly & do I need to do some more configuration.


Thanks & regards,

Saurabh Namjoshi