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Question asked by donadona999s on Jul 23, 2015
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I read the ADV7480's hardware manual.

And I want check if my understanding is correct.


At P87(5.3.1) , when we are going to use ADV748* with both HDMI and MHL,

we have to make the multiple EDID.

And the ADV748* support the multiple EDID.

When we are going to use multi-EDID,

we have to select which EDID(secondary or primary) to use

by selecting "dual_edid_enable_port_a".

So this means ADV748* cannot discriminate HDMI or MHL.

And to use the correct EDID , we have to select "dual_edid_enable_port_a".

Is my understanding correct?


And also I would really appreciate if you don't mind

to give me the sample-script with EDID to use both HDMI and MHL.


Best regards.