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ADV7441A:  SSPD autodetection problem

Question asked by Vid123 on Apr 20, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2011 by mattp

Hi all,


We have problem with the SSPD auto detection for CP input in separaeted sync (RGB&HV).


Once a while the SSPD auto detection reports the CUR_SYNC_SRC[1:0] = 0x03, which is wrong (detect composite sync instead separated sync).  The failure rate is very low, about 1/100 or less, so it is difficult to replicate the error


I guess it's the matter how and when the VGA cable is plug in, and the ADV7441A may see a glitch on the Green signal !???


Btw, my software follows the flowchart as described on page 159-Figure 49 in the Hardware Manual rev J., with SSPD statemachine runs continously