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BF609 video capture

Question asked by maciejm on Jul 22, 2015
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I have ADSP-BF609-EZ-BOARD with Video Decoder EI3 Extender Board. I want to capture video from CMOS camera and process it with OpenCV. I have working linux on it without many configs(just to test if it works) so to obtain above features I used this instructions: with OpenCV included as a package in menuconfig.

I faced error during make libv4l 0.8.9: undefined reference to `_fork'

So I removed OpenCV from menuconfig because it was the only option different from above guide (see link) and tried to make again. It passed much further but with error as result result:

>>> v4l2_video_test 927 Downloading

svn: E000111: Unable to connect to a repository at URL ''

svn: E000111: Błąd podczas wykonywania kontekstu: Połączenie odrzucone -> Error during content execution. Connection rejected

--2015-07-22 22:12:06--

Translacja ( -> Translating ...

Łączenie się z (||:80... połączono. -> Connecting with ...

Żądanie HTTP wysłano, oczekiwanie na odpowiedź... 404 Not Found -> HTTP request send, waiting for response

2015-07-22 22:12:06 BŁĄD 404: Not Found.


How can I solve this problem?



Last few hours I tried to compile only OpenCV to check if it was generating error with libv4l. It probably wasn't (so what was?) but I get few more errors:

During make of opencv it was breaking many times after errors like fde encoding in CMakeFiles/.../somename.o prevents .eh_frame_hdr table being created. So I was calling "make" one by one and finally after it get to 98%... this error shown:

[ 98%] Built target opencv_traincascade

XXXXXX/blackfin-buildroot/output/build/opencv-2.4.2/modules/ts/src/ts_gtest.cpp: In member function ‘virtual testing::internal::DeathTest::TestRole testing::internal::NoExecDeathTest::AssumeRole()’:

XXXXXX/blackfin-buildroot/output/build/opencv-2.4.2/modules/ts/src/ts_gtest.cpp:7076: error: ‘fork’ was not declared in this scope

XXXXXX/blackfin-buildroot/output/build/opencv-2.4.2/modules/ts/src/ts_gtest.cpp: In function ‘pid_t testing::internal::ExecDeathTestSpawnChild(char* const*, int)’:

XXXXXX/blackfin-buildroot/output/build/opencv-2.4.2/modules/ts/src/ts_gtest.cpp:7308: error: ‘fork’ was not declared in this scope


I really don't know what I'm doing wrong...