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ADV7180 complete datasheet or programming guide

Question asked by shaileshwankhede on Jul 22, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2017 by JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal


I am working on ADV7180 -32EBZ eval board integration with STM3240G-Eval board. I am connecting analog camera with CVBS output to ADV7180 eval board. I am using register control software given with eval board to control registers of ADV7180. Connected Data out pins to respective DCMI of STM and HS & VS pins. ST uses DMA channel for DCMI and once specified data bytes collected it is given for display on LCD.

Registers I am playing around are:

0x37 Polarity: PVS setting to 1

0x58 VS field control: Vsync setting to 1

0x27 Pixel Delay control: SWPC

I am converting CbYCrY stream to RGB565 format before writing to LCD GRAM.

Following things are not clear to me:

Some of the registers are not mentioned in datasheet like 0x1B(Active video desired lines). How does this 8 bit register sets video lines above 255 like 272 or 284 etc.

Similarly no help for active video desired pixels.

How to determine correct frequency required on LLC pin?

What is output pixel resolution provided by ADV7180 eval board? Is it 360x284 or 360x272? How does it depend on camera resolution?

Hoping to get some insight on this to proceed.