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TS201 irq edge interrupt problem

Question asked by Orland on Jul 22, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2015 by Orland

Hello everyone, the following is some pre-explanation, for the more easy understanding of my problem.


I'm working with ADSP-TS201 EZ-Kit Lite, using VisualDSP 5.1.2.


My task is simply: I'm working with external ADC/DAC, feeding ADC with complex signal using Agilent generator. This signal is also consists of phase code manipulated signal "Bursts", which are "indicated" by on-Agilent pulse sync/strobe outputs. This sync output of generator connected to TS201 IRQ0 input, through external interface under the board. What I need to do, is to process this signal bursts, and place result data in to the external memory.


Now, I'm using TS201's IRQ0 input, for interrupt when burst is available to read by ADC. I'm also configured this IRQ0 to sense interrupt on edge. But, when I'm looking at the memory (internal memory of the TS201, since i'm using small signal lengths for tests) after reading this burst, there are some strange random pauses (read to read) at the start, or completely losses of signal. It's look like reading is out of sync. So, I have following question:


- In documents, there are no explanation of the IRQ0 sense type, only "edge or level". Does it always rising edge ?

- Maybe there are some things, that I'm missing or not taking into the account, and someone could point me on them.