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Eval ADAU1761 Dac problem

Question asked by Faisal on Apr 20, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2011 by Faisal

hello dear,

i am using Eval-Adau1761 boad, differential mic, i want to save data and play back, in sigmastudio i kept 8kHz sampling rate and 48 bit clk cycle per fram, and 50% duty cycle, so at this i am only taking 24 bits data from ADC pin when LRCLK is low( i am taking only one chennal data), through SPI of AVR atmega32(avr is in the slave mode just receive data and send it to uart) i saved that data in the PC, then i send that data back to ADAU-1761  at DAC, but nothing is playing even sound of single click. this is a big problem to me, Plz  help me, actually i want to save data and want to playback that data, what perameter i  can use, please suggest me.