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[Need help][Question about blimp font size]

Question asked by snowdream on Jul 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2015 by snowdream

hi all:


    i have questions about the font size and type in the blimp 3.7 and need your warm heart help.


    i use blimp 3.7 to design osd for adv7626.


    i found that the max size of font used in the blimp project is just size 10pt and if i turn the size to a bigger one such as 11pt, the blimp project can not be compiled successfully.


    To us, the font with size of 10pt is a liite small.


    so my questions are:

    [1] is there any way to turn the font size to be larger than 10pt?

    [2] i fount the font lib with name of Arial Unicode Ms 's coressponding Chinese character is not looked well. if it is possible, could we add a new font lib which can support Chinese charater better?


    thank you so much.