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Cannot lock cvbs video in adv7280

Question asked by Adroid on Jul 20, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2015 by adr0id

I have an adv7280 chip connected to a development board with an imx6 through the camera parallel port.

I am using the adv7180.c driver in kernel 3.0.35 under /media/video/mxc/capture but the problem is that when i load the driver the LLC output a 47MHZ signal which for me means that i got no video, so i read a few register through I2C and i found this:



before driver hard_reset configuration :



0x10 STATUS1 0x69

0x12 STATUS2  0x0

0x13 STATUS3 0x8C

0x03 0x4C

0x00  0xE0

0x0F 0x20



after driver hard_reset configuration :



0x10 STATUS1 0x4B

0x12 STATUS2  0x0

0x13 STATUS3 0x2C

0x03 0x0

0x0F 0x0

0x0F 0x0



I have an NTSC input but the register is set to PAL and IN_LOCK and LOST_LOCK are set to 1. According to a post i read  if the IN_LOCK and LOST_LOCK = 1 means that it is the first read of register 0x10 after reconnection because the input autodetection is working. So i delay 1 second before reading but it always stays like that. I really don´t know where the issue may be