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Question asked by ADIguy on Jul 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2015 by JudyChui

Visual Analog on FMCADC2 / FMCADC5


I was trying to get Visual Analog running with the FMCADC5 / VC707 system, but had no luck. I decided to back down a level and try to get Visual Analog running on the FMCADC2 / VC707 system, but have not had luck here either. The system is not seen by Visual Analog, or by SPIController, or by IIO oscilloscope. I've got the latest images from the ADI site and have tried XMD from both Vivado 2014.1 and 2014.2. The FMCADC2 board is old (rev B).


I've attached the capture of the XMD and CMD sessions. There are a couple suspicious entries... "version 0x21 - unsupported version" for the microblaze processor config., and "ad9467 spi0.0: Unrecognized CHIP_ID 0x0". I've run the #dmesg, #ps auxw and #ifconfig commands as well (they are included in the attached file)


Thanks for any help!