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FMCOMMS5 Calibration Error

Question asked by seaskifool on Jul 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2015 by mhennerich

I have two ZC702+FMCOMMS5 setups.  The FMCOMMS5 calibration routine passes on board set #1 running code on a freshly installed SD card, with updates to the tools and boot code complete.  Running code from the same SD card on board set #2, I get a "calibration complete with error" message.  I ran both FMCOMMS5 boards on both ZC702s, and verified that the problem is with the FMCOMMS5.


All channels seem to work when TX1_A connected to RX1_A etc.  and the test profile passes, but the cal fails.


Anyone have any experience and advice? (Not that I think it matters, but R350 is not installed).

Debugging/configuration procedures?