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ADV7619 APx port I2S Mapping

Question asked by snageli on Jul 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2015 by mattp

So in the ADV7619 datasheet is shows the mapping as follows:


SPDIF0 SPDIF audio output

I2S0/SPDIF0 I2S audio (Channel 1, Channel 2)/SPDIF0

I2S1/SPDIF1 I2S audio (Channel 3, Channel 4)/SPDIF1

I2S2/SPDIF2 I2S audio (Channel 5, Channel 6)/SPDIF2

I2S3/SPDIF3 I2S audio (Channel 7, Channel 8)/SPDIF3

SCLK Bit clock

LRCLK Data output clock


Which result in the following:


AP1 - Front L/R

AP2 - Sub/Cen

AP3 - Rear L/R

AP4 - Surround Back L/R


I need to swap Sub and Center.  Is it possible to arrange channels within the specific I2Sx output?


I know there is

I2S_SPDIF_MAP_ROT[1:0] and I2S_SPDIF_MAP_INV but these only change where the I2S pairs go where I need to change that actual channel within the pair.