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Good setup for developing sig gen and spectrum analysis real time applications with BF60x

Question asked by etroy on Jul 17, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2015 by VineethaThomas

I am getting ready to start working on some products that will be generating very broadband, complex waveforms. I will also need to be able to generate various spectrum/signal analysis real time applications. I think the best processor for that is the Blackfin BF60x series. I know that I cannot use Visual DSP++ on these devices. So, I obviously need Cross Core Embedded Studio. What else do I need to effectively develop the real time operating software? I see there is a ADSP-BF609-EZ-Board, EZ-kit, and EZ kit lite. I am not sure what the differences are. Which is best? What about an emulator and other development hardware? The applications will have to support Ethernet and USB, if that matters.