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HMC321LP4 PCB Stack Up and Layout

Question asked by zek on Jul 17, 2015
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I am doing my own PCB layout of the SP8T RF Switch HMC321LP4.  I have already purchased an Eval Board for this part.  After looking at the part, I was wondering about it's PCB Stack Up, fixed impedance traces and copper pour.  I ask because Hittite provides a document as a guideline for layout and stack up, which I have included a link of below.  However, it does not appear that the design of this board followed those guidelines.  I was wondering if someone could clarify specific issues for me.


1)  What is the board stack up?  Including the materials used as well as their thickness.


2)  What is the width of the 50Ohm traces, and what is their ground plane spacing?


3)  What is the outer layer copper thickness?


4)  Are there gerber files of the Eval Board that I can use as guidelines for my own design?  If so, how do I get access to them.


5)  Are there other considerations in designing this board that are not obvious from the datasheet or the guidelines above?




Zach Kabelac