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MEMS in Education

Question asked by agbell on Jul 17, 2015
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We would like to introduce MEMS devices in our engineering courses and I was looking for suggestions on material and devices we could us to teach "how they work" and "how to use them". Looking through the Analog Devices MEMS device lists I believe that we want to use parts that are already mounted on evaluation boards. Devices I have found so far include two low g accelerometers (ADXL335 & 350), two gyroscopes devices (ADXRS453 & 649) and one Inclinometer (ADIS16203) . Three of the devices are digit and have an SPI interface. I have three questions:

1.) Do these devices seem like appropriate devices to start with?

2.) What educational material does Analog Devies have for teach MEMS technology?

3.) Are there other devices that would be appropriate to use in teaching MEMS?


Of course if you have other ideas or comments I would appreciate your feedback ...