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Question asked by Sean@murata on Jul 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2015 by LtCommData

Hi Sir:

1\ In ADP1051's datasheet, page 6, test condition for CS2 current measurement sense accuracy is "4.99 kΩ (0.01%) level shift resistors"; is that a typo? it's impossible to use 0.01% precision resistor in real application, right?

what's the accuracy for 0.1% resistor used;

2\ the CS2 current measurement sense accuracy for low side mode is +/-2.28mV(0.01% resistor); for 1mohm current sense resistor used in the ADP1051 reference design, how to guarantee the output current detected precision of less than +/-1A? 2.28mV/1mOhm=2.28A??