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ADI macro-model noise simulation in PSPICE

Question asked by Analog_sup on Jul 16, 2015
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Is there anyway, I can simulate transient noise for the ADI amplifier macro-models? Pspice does not allow transient noise simulation in any easy way, so to estimate p-p noise of the amplifier over certain bandwidth, usually I multiply rms noise 6-9 times, calculated through ac noise simulation. Does all the time domain voltage noise plot in datasheets come from the experiment or is there a way to derive those plots through macro-model based simulation run?

Another related question. I was trying to up-convert flicker noise part of the amplifier. Surprisingly there is no effect on the noise due to chopping. I have no idea why would that be the case since noise in amplifiers are actual modeled by active sources and so would have similar effect as the real signal. I am wondering if this is due to the pspice not being able to simulate switching circuit properly. May be I am missing something here.   

Would be really helpful if somebody can answer to these questions.