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DTS-HD Master Audio on ADV7627 based DTS 5.1 AVR?

Question asked by mmohang on Jul 16, 2015
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We need some information on the DTS-HD stream format with respect to HDMI. We understand DTS-HD Master audio or High resolution will have two parts of the stream which is DTS core 5.1 and loss less part. 

So can anyone please answer below questions.


  1. Suppose AVR did not have the DTS-HD support then what will the Blue ray player will send over HDMI? Is it linear PCM or compressed DTS 5.1 core stream?
  2. If I understand correctly, DTS-HD stream will come on four  I2S line of HDMI , Do we get always core DTS 5.1 in first I2S of HDMI?

Any help here will be very useful and our customer is going to launch the product in a month and we need to solve this DTS issues before the launch so please advice us ASAP.


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