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FMCOMMS3 Fail Tuning

Question asked by digi_designer on Jul 15, 2015
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I have an Artix-7 board without DDR2/3 memory, so I'm using a Block RAM in its place but not the 1 G that was in the reference designs. I'm using the no-OS software with the xilinx platform files and have managed to get it to run on microblaze. My problem is that the design fails both TX and RX tuning. Even the filters configure correctly. One issue I see is that the enable state machine is stuck in state 3, so it never finishes calibration, is tuning the last step in calibration? My AXI mem interconnect doesn't have the 512 Enable Data FIFO because synthesis fails with that enabled, I don't have enough RAM. Also, my AXI mem interconnect data width is only 32, could that and my reduced memory cause tuning to fail?