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Using FMCOMMS5 with KC705

Question asked by jinojs on Jul 15, 2015
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We were using FMCOMMS4 boards with Kintex KC705, but since we need to sync the two boards, based on the suggestion from ADI, we have purchased an FMCOMMS5 board.

We are trying to interface it with KC705. We have taken the latest code from 'No-OS' software and enabled the flag for FMCOMMS5 and trying to use the same with the existing design. It didn't work (SPI interface itself doesn't seem to work).

Getting the error: 'ad9361_init : Unsupported PRODUCT_ID 0xFF'


Now we are trying to take the HDL files from the wiki and rebuild the bitmap for KC705. But inside the hdl_master, we don't see the folder 'kc705' inside 'fmcomms5' folder. kc705 is seen only inside fmcomms2.


Could you please help us to move faster with using FMCOMMS5 board on KC705 (using No-OS software)?

Quick help is highly appreciated.


Thank you,