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2x AD9250 Snychronization in AD-FMCJESDADC1-EBZ

Question asked by charlyelkhoury Employee on Jul 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2015 by NBaheti

A customer asked:

Following technical discussion, it has been confirmed that AD9250 is supporting JESD204B Subclass1, with SYSREF, it  means perfect synchro could be achieved between 2 AD9250.


1. Given AD-FMCJESDADC1-EBZ and Xilinx JESD204 core, does ADI have a demo/ reference design showcasing JESD204B Subclass 1 with perfect multichip synchronization between the 2xAD9250 ? If yes, could you refer me to right resources. Do we have an app note summarizing how syncro between the two ADCs can be achieved using AD-FMCJESDADC1-EBZ?

2. The customer as it has come via EBV is inclined more towards the development on Point 1 but with AD-FMCJESDADC1-EBZ and Altera JESD204B core – say Arria V /10, Stratix V etc.). I came across one of their app notes (PFA) ? Any news on Altera’s side concerning potential reference designs in this regard?