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Transparent color not setting properly

Question asked by Saurabh_Namjoshi on Jul 14, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2015 by JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal


I am working on a project where adv7625 is configured using I2C/SPI as RX for Adv8005 & Adv 7619 is also used for external OSD overlay. Adv8005 is working like a repeater. I am modifying ADI code version is 1.90.2 as per our requirement.

Currently Adv7625 & Adv8005 with Adv7619 as external OSD code is working fine.

I can see EX OSD video in PIP mode( pipmode 5) .


I am testing color transparency on a customized board not an Adv8005 SMZ board, but the customized board is same as Adv8005 SMZ board, only difference is we have Adv7619 as EX-OSD source.

Transparent color is not set properly, RX video is appears in background with the OSD color, I have attached a video & image file with this discussion for better understanding.


Please help me on this.


Thanks & regards,

Saurabh Namjoshi