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Cannot Write to AD9361 Registers with No-OS

Question asked by digi_designer on Jul 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2015 by digi_designer

I am using the TE0711 Artix-7 and TE0701 FMC carrier boards with the no-OS software and the xilinx platform files. I'm trying to interface with the FMCOMMS3, ad9361, board. I have the major blocks in my design:


  • microblaze
  • mdm
  • axi_ad9361
  • util_adc_pack
  • util_dac_unpack
  • axi_fmcomms2_spi
  • axi_fmcomms2_gpio
  • axi_interrupt_controller
  • Microblaze Local Memory w/ Block RAM


The Artix-7 board doesn't have any DDR2/3 memory so, the adc and dac dma blocks don't output to anything. During the ad9361_init function, the AD9361 reset function returns a passing value, the correct product ID is read, the clocks get registered properly, but the adc_init function doesn't complete. It hangs during the first adc_write which is to the ADC_REG_RSTN register. This leads me to believe that register is not in my design, but it is within my axi_ad9361 address range.  What are the potential causes of adc_write not completing?