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ADV7513 no output occasionally

Question asked by ricky on Jul 13, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2015 by GuenterL

Hi All,


My customer is using ADV7513 HDMT Transmitter for his product.


In his product, the ADV7513 is operating in SDTV 27MHz clock mode.

The output of ADV7513 is fed to the monitor through HDMI cable.

It is okay.

During this SDTV operation of ADV7513, MCU on his board sometimes starts reboot operation.

In the reboot operation of his MCU, the MCU initializes registers of ADV7513 and set again registers for 27MHz operation.

During initialize for ADV7513, clock frequency is 74.25MHz temporally and is return to 27MHz after setting registers for 27MHz operation is completed.

The ADV7513 output with SDVT mode is almost okay, however no signal output is occurred rarely.

The frequency of occurrence of “No Signal Output” is once per several hundreds of reboot operation.


What is the cause of his problem, do you anticipated?

My customer concerning clock frequency change such as 27MHz to 74.25MHz and to 27MHz again without power off to the ADV7513.

Is there any way to reset the ADV7513 device for his reboot operation?


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