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SPI communication data corrupting when motor was running

Question asked by kishore.kumar on Jul 13, 2015
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Dear sir/Madam,

We are using SPI communication at 5MHz at outside the PCB by converting single ended signals to differential signals by using ADN4695 ic’s. This SPI communication we are using for to sending the commands to motor. Now we are facing a problem, whenever motor was running SPI communication was failing and whatever the commands we are sending to motor when motor was running  through SPI are corrupted and receiving spikes with irregularity. Same commands whatever we are sending to motor were receiving fine when the motor was not running. We thought that it was an EMI/EMC problem for that we use an all twisted pair wires for differential signals. Copper shielding was also made throughout the SPI path and it was shorted to chassis on both the ends. So please consider the mentioned observations and suggest some solutions for to solve these problems. Please respond as early as possible.

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