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AD7173-8 Peak to Peak Noise

Question asked by Webber.Tsai on Jul 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2015 by jcolao

Dear sir

Testing AD7173-8 EVB, two questions think excuse me

(1) : Set up parameter AIN0-AIN1=0V , Vref=5V,Output Data Rate (ODR) =5sps ,input Buffer =off , Noise Using the Sinc 5 + Sinc Filter ,sample =500, the real AD7173-8 EVB Peak to Peak Noise data max-min=1LSB.Why does software reveal P-P Noise = 2LSB ?



(2)Use bipolar input range =0V, with an external at the 5 V reference, every 1LSB=0.596uV, but table 19 data, set up Output Data Rate =2.5SPS & 1.25SPS, Why PEAK TO PEAK NOISE =0.32uV(P-P)  < 0.596uV?