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Where do the electrodes go?

Question asked by jtoul on Jul 12, 2015
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I've got the board working with the supplied firmware examples and also the EDSK Software but I am unsure of where to connect the electrodes for either the 2,4 or 4 wire bio config measurements.



2-wire set up with the Switch Mux Config Board:

Reading UG668, I am having trouble determining where to place the electrodes on the AFE MUX board for a two wire measurement. In another post I see that they opened LK3 and LK4 and then attached the electrodes to the top pins? Is this the correct configuration?

What happens if I attach the electrodes to LK1 and LK2 instead and do I have to specify this in the EDSK?


There is a second 4 wire configuration with this board, where the differential input but it's not up to IEC standards(different from the bio board). On page 18 of UG-668 is it correct to say that LK9 and LK10 should be the inner reference electrodes, and LK7 and LK8 the outer signal transmission electrodes for optimal 4 wire performance? Is there a wiring diagram on a recommended way to connect the electrodes?



4 - wire bio config set up(based on pg 14 of AN-1302):

It becomes more important to get this correct for placement on the body. Are LK9 and LK10 are the inner electrodes, and LK7 and LK8 the outer electrodes from which the signal is measured? Does it matter if the electrodes are attached to the upper/lower or left or right side of LK9 and LK10, or is their a wiring diagram of electrode set up for this?



How can the uncommitted electrodes be used? Can they be used in parallel and how do you specify which electrodes are being used when? For instance, if I wanted to implement an 8 electrode electrical impedance tomography set up, would it be possible to use all 8 AFE connections? Are there any examples or instructions on how to multiplex using this board? If a 16 electrode set up was desired, do you have any recommendations on how to do that with this board, or would you use a different board?