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diagnosing a failure to sync (7511w->7611)

Question asked by dmerillat on Jul 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2015 by mattp

I'm sending a 1080p test pattern (24bit RGB, vsync, hsync, DE) into a 7511w.  When I connect to a real monitor, I can see the pattern.


When I feed it back into a 7611, it doesn't appear to accept it - the output appears to be the stock videomode instead.


What registers on the 7611 can I look at to get an idea why it's not working?  Both the 7511w and 7611 were initialized with the recommended script from the download.


On the 7511w, I can read the EDID I placed in the 7611, so at least the DDC connection is working properly.


While I'm testing with landscape (1920x1080) now, the goal is to output to a nonstandard portrait mode (1080x1920).  Will the 7511w pass that on?  It doesn't match any of the modes it knows about.