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AD9643 configuration in ADFMCOMMS1

Question asked by prasanthi on Jul 10, 2015
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    I am using ADFMCOMMS1 with zedboard. I am reusing the axi_ad9643 module (from the reference design) with my own FPGA design. In the axi_ad9643_if.v file, I see that two data pin modes are supported

1) mux - across clock edges (rising or falling edges), (parallel LVDS)

2) mux - within clock edges (lower 7 bits and upper 7 bits) (channel multiplexed LVDS)

and register 0x0044 bit 0 can be used to choose the mode.


Now, is AD9643 hard wired onto the radio card to work in a particular mode (parallel LVDS or channel multiplexed LVDS) or is it configurable using the registers? What is the default data pin mode of AD9643 on ADFMCOMMS1?



- Prasanthi