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HDMI Compliance @4K with ADV3002 + ADV7619

Question asked by mike_ackee on Jul 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2015 by PaulS

Our HDMI receiver circuit uses an ADV3002 feeding into an ADV7619 and appears to work well. It was originally designed at a time when the ADV3002 datasheet claimed 3Gbps capability, rather than the current 2.25Gbps.

We believe that we are configuring the ADV7619 completely in accordance with 'ADV7619 Required Settings Manual' Rev 1.6, writing all the required registers in the exact order shown in the document. (I attach the relevant register dumps)


However, we are failing HDMI compliance testing for 4K standards due to jitter tolerance problems, specifically at 4K30, with the 2nd cable emulator (Type 3) test.

AN-1166 seems to suggest that it is extremely likely that compliance tests will fail with our hardware configuration due to cumulative jitter through the system, but we were wondering if you had any suggestions that might help us. For example, are the EQ settings for the ADV7619 correct given that we have an ADV3002 in front of it with its own 18dB of gain?

Our product is in the test house at the moment. Access is difficult, so we do not have the ability to experiment with settings easily.

All suggestions would be very welcome. Thank you.