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Surround View Camera Application

Question asked by sathishkumart on Jul 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2015 by Rob.Analog


Currently i am trying to develop a block diagram for ADAS surround view camera system. I have attached the preliminary block diagram for reference.


Over View of Block Diagram:


1) Totally there are 4 camera units and its analog outputs are connected to ADI video decoder ADV7280.

2) Video decoder converts the analog signal into PPI and it is connected to PPI port of BF608 video processor for further processing. 

3) 1st BF608 has 3 PPI ports, in which all of them are used as input

4) Front,Left & Right side camera data are processed in 1st BF608 and converted into single image

5) Converted image data are connected to 2nd BF608 using Link Port

6) Rear side camera data is connected to 2nd BF608 using PPI port

6) 2nd BF608 processor converts the data received from Link port and PPI port into single image data

7) Final PPI output will be sum of all 4 camera output.

Kindly review the block diagram and give your comment.